The B.E.A.M Meditation

The B.E.A.M Meditation stands for Binaural Empowerment Accelerator Music. It is a powerful way to bypass the part of your brain that rejects change so that the powerful affirmational statements go more directly into the subsconcious. The way this works is through the creation of an audio track that combines 2 different songs into one audio track. This meditation only works with headphones. When listening to the track, one song will play in one ear and the other song will play in the other simultaneously.

When the song that is shorter finishes in one ear, then the other song starts immediately, so the longer song has some overlap in both ears. Then when the song that is longer at the beginning finishes, the shorter song starts immediately in that ear and the audio track finishes with both songs ending at the same time and having been played in both ears.

While it may sound strange at first, it actually speeds up the process of manifestation. After a few days, you get used to it and for many people it causes them to relax and even fall asleep in some cases. It appears to have a balancing effect on both hemispheres of the brain.